Calypso Residence

Calypso Residence

Charming villas with a graceful design in Saint Barthélemy

CALYPSO residence is the result of the creative spirit of the architect Antoine Spijkerman. These 5 villas will
be sold with a nice private garden and all will be accompanied by 2 private parking spaces.

Pleasantly located in the natural landscape of Vitet, the Calypso Residence offers views of the surrounding hills.

These 5 small villas with Creole facades, and modern comfort by their architecture and high-end equipment, will
integrate perfectly in this environment remained wild and remote allowing to enjoy the peace and privacy of the

The villas will have 3 levels. On the main level there is a living room and on the covered terrace a dining room and
a fully equipped open kitchen. After your acquisition it will be possible to close, this terrace by bay windows.
This space will open onto a landscaped garden.
On the upper level there are two rooms of identical size that will be separated by a fully equipped shower room, and
by an independent toilet.
On the lower level, there will be a room that can be transformed into a gym, home cinema or other.

These very intimate villas will combine modernity and calm due to their location far from the agglomeration.
However, they will benefit from the restaurants and nautical activities of one of the most beautiful beaches of the
island, the beach of Grand Cul de Sac located nearby.

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Calypso Residence - St.Barths

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